Words from a Cuban LA Weekly Review

Words from a Cuban LA Weekly Review



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“Alina Cenal’s Words From a Cuban Father (at Theatre of NOTE) uses dance strategically in her autobiographical meditation on the death of her dad — who was a law school roommate of Fidel Castro in Havana. Her dad eventually fled to Miami in 1961, and the family soon followed. The show, directed by James Dolon, contains a vivacious string of anecdotes and impersonations of family and friends, a sexy dance through life. The whimsical clash between Cuban hip-swaying and the aesthetic formalities in a Florida ballet class is lovely. The family’s political softening and the harrowing scenes of caring for a dying patriarch are quite moving, leading to the inevitable “My career’s going OK in L.A., and here’s my show” frame.”

– LA Weekly,  Steven Leigh Morris

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  1. Linda Bingham June 27, 2016 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    Alina, you are still my idol! Last nights performance was a dream come true for you! This is a beautiful life’s story that you now share with your audience. I cried and laughed and went to another place and time. Miss working with you and hope to see you in the “hood” too! Love, Linda

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