“Words From a Cuban Father”

WORDS FROM A CUBAN FATHER Mambo, carnival, revolution, Fidel and my dad, Miami, hotdogs, drag queens, the circus, Hollywood, music and dance highlight Cenal’s bilingual experience of being yanked from her native Cuba as a child and yearning to return. The strong presence of her father guides her through the American cultural landscape.

CIRCO DE TU CORAZÓN, delivered in a style evocative of Garcia Marquez’s magical realism, follows a colorful collection of eccentrics who populate a surreal circus lost somewhere in the Americas. JAMES DONLON & ALINA CENAL combine their expertise in comedy, movement, mask, improvisation, music and dance, to create beings and creatures of mystery and passion. CIRCO is a bi-lingual experience in Spanish and English where characters perform routines driven by skill, love and yearning. CIRCO was inspired by James Donlon’s many international performance tours to Mexico and Europe, and his four decades experience training fools for the stage, film, and circus.  APPROPRIATE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

Upcoming Performances!

Oxnard College Theater

Words of a Cuban Father

Due to COVID we do not have a set date for this performance. 

Past Shows

UCSC’s Cultural Arts and Diversity
Santa Cruz, CA

Oxnard College Black Box Theatre
Oxnard, CA

Los Angeles Women’s Theater Festival
Venice, CA

Southern Oregon University Department of Theatre Arts
Ashland, OR

The Marsh
San Francisco, CA

Hollywood Fringe Festival
Hollywood, CA

Theatre of Note
Los Angeles, CA

Lunacy Festival
Oregon Center of the Arts, OR

Solo festival, Whitefire Theater
North Hollywood, CA

Solo una Voz; Havanafama
Miami, FL

Sola/Solos Festival, Macha Theater
Hollywood, CA

“Words From a Cuban Father” Reviews

Words from a Cuban LA Weekly Review

February 1st, 2015|Comments Off on Words from a Cuban LA Weekly Review

HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FEST 2015: WHAT YOU SHOULD SEE Read the Whole Article! "Alina Cenal's Words From a Cuban Father (at Theatre of NOTE) uses dance strategically in her autobiographical meditation on the death of her dad — who was a law school roommate of Fidel Castro in Havana. Her dad eventually fled to Miami in 1961, and the family soon followed. The show, directed by James Dolon, contains a vivacious string of anecdotes and impersonations of family and friends, a sexy dance through life. The whimsical clash between Cuban hip-swaying and the aesthetic formalities in a Florida ballet class is lovely. The family's political softening and the harrowing scenes of caring for a dying patriarch are quite moving, leading to the inevitable "My career's going OK in L.A., and here's my show" frame." - LA Weekly,  Steven Leigh Morris

“Words From a Cuban Father” Video